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                EAF | Spelling Bee Contest 愛“拼”才會贏

                發布時間:2021-06-07 15:53:09           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:17

                       為了豐富楓葉校園文化生活,營造濃厚的校園英語文化氛圍,展現楓葉英語學科的魅力,激發學習英語的興趣,幫助學生提高英語單詞拼寫能力,擴充詞匯量,我校于5月28日下午舉行了4-6年級Spelling Bee 大賽。

                       On May 28th, our school held Spelling Bee contest.



                       Hosts introduced the process and rules of Spelling Bee contest.


                       The competition started in the two small hosts' shining debut.

                       During the competition, all the students tried their bestand quickly spelled the words with solid English skills.


                       The atmosphere was tense but with order. The playerswere attentive, spelled carefully, and sometimes laughed with confidence;Sometimes it's hard to choose. They all devote all efforts to get the best results.

                       After the fierce competition in the audition stage,the word spelling king of all grades stood out, the atmosphere on the field wasextremely tense, and finally it was the final moment. In this round ofcompetition, all players worked together, listened carefully and wrote quickly.



                       No pains, no gains.Behind the joy, there must be hardwork!After a careful review by the English teachers, the first prize and thewinners of the competition were finally decided.



                       Congratulationsto the following award-winning students:  



                       The Spelling Bee contest was closely related to students' classroom learning and their real life. It not only improved students' interest in learning English, cultivated students' good habit of memorizing words, but also broadened students' vision of learning English. At the same time, it also provided students with a stage to show themselves and further stimulated students' initiative and enthusiasm in learning English, It has laid a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the quality of English teaching.